Our laboratory lies at the intersection between technical innovation and scientific exploration.

We focus on the development, refinement, and application of cutting-edge methods for in-situ transcriptomics, to unravel the complexities of gene expression within cells and tissues in their native environments.

Our lab has made significant contributions to the field of in situ sequencing, generating powerful tools for high-throughput and highly multiplexed analysis of mRNA.

A cornerstone of our research lies in the use of padlock probes, a versatile and robust technology that forms the foundation of our diverse range of projects. By harnessing the versatility of this molecular tool,  we are able to extract massive amounts of gene expression data from tissues, so to gain insight about various biological processes.

We currently work mainly in the following directions:

Spatially Resolved Transcriptomics
We develop innovative methods to visualize and analyze gene expression patterns within intact tissues. By elucidating the spatial context of gene expression, we gain a deeper understanding of tissue biology in a variety of model systems. In humans we explore both healthy and diseased samples, paving the way for more targeted and effective medical interventions.
Computational Tools for In-situ Data Analysis
These tools enable us to extract meaningful insights from complex in-situ datasets, empowering researchers to uncover hidden biological patterns and enhance their understanding of tissue composition at the single cell level. We develop and refine these computational tools, with the aim of spreading their adoption by a wide and diverse research community.
Applications in Biomedical Research
Applying our expertise in in situ sequencing-based methods, we contribute to diverse areas of biomedical research. Our investigations encompass cancer biology, developmental biology, neurobiology, and infectious diseases. By some of these applications, we strive to translate our findings into tangible benefits for human health.


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